Monday, July 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

If I catch Micaiah getting into something he's not supposed to...

...I would NEVER just snap a picture
while thinking about how much fun he must be having... he creates a way to reach even higher...

...for something he's not supposed to have.
Nope Not Me!

And I most certainly would not just leave the mess for him
to play in either. That would just be irresponsible!

Especially if it were because I was talking on the phone
to my mom who lives in Colorado and
I would rather catch up with my mom
than fight this particular battle!
I mean, I always discipline my children
instead of letting them get away with stuff
while I'm trying to carry on a somewhat normal phone conversation!


if this were to happen...

I most certainly would not leave the mess
until the next morning for him to play in again.

That's just lazy. And I'm NEVER lazy!

Nope, not me!
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