Saturday, July 17, 2010


We've been talking about modesty a lot this summer. With all the skin we've been seeing at these beach retreats and skimpy clothes of the summertime, how can you miss this opportunity!

I have this bathing suit that I only wear at home, in the backyard, when I'm laying out or playing in the pool with the kids. I like sun on my tummy, what can I say!?

Zeke came up to me one day and asked why I had my undies on. Note: Everything is "undies" to Zeke that shows ANY skin and a guy is considered "naked" if he has his shirt off;)

So, after totally laughing out loud I decided that this would be a great time for a talk about modesty with Areyna and Zeke.

I talked about, when we are at home it's okay to wear certain things, but when we go out, we don't want people to see "too much skin". I went into quite a bit more detail with them, of course.

Ever since that little talk, both Areyna and Zeke have been very in-tune with their modesty. It can be pretty hysterical at times, actually.

It's been so awesome to see them responding to something so quickly and with something so simple.

I think, too often, we underestimate the capacity of these little minds. They can totally grasp way more than we give them credit for. You better believe Zeke keeps Areyna and me in check as our "Visible Skin Monitor" before we go out in public now, ha!
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