Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surprised In Georgia

Jonathan (Karis), Alex (Tovah) and Josh

Last weekend we packed up and drove down to Newnan, GA to surprise our friend, Alex, for his 30th birthday. It was our family, Josh's brother and his family and another family. We hadn't all seen each other since I was I was pregnant with Areyna! We all went to college together. It was fun to see everyone with their kids.

Josh and I left at 6:30am on Friday and got a great start for the morning. About half way through the trip we were seriously considering a road trip to Colorado to see my parents, being very confident that it wouldn't be that bad. But, by the time we got in the car and started making the 8-hour trek back home on Sunday afternoon we were reconsidering:) We'll see...

There was no way that Alex and Jana's house could hold all of us so they got a friend of theirs to lend them their camper and our family took over. Our kids LOVED the fact that we got to "camp out". Areyna only fell off the top bunk twice while trying to get out to go to the bathroom and Zeke only woke up Micaiah a few times for us to straighten his "cwooked covohs".
Jana had put together a surprise party for Alex and about 60 other friends came to join us in the celebration. After it got dark they set up a projector and we watched Sigur Ros' Heima. It was awesome! But, after such a long day I ended up falling asleep before it was all over.

The next day was spent catching up on our lives and ministries and then we ended the day listening to our guys jam together.
The whole crew (minus Jonathan and Kelly)

Me and Jana

Playing Outside

It was a little difficult trying to get all the babies to cooperate for a picture=)
Ivalee, Tovah, Karis, Micaiah

I forgot to give the 3-count...sorry Kyle;)

Zeke fell asleep while the boys jammed. Poor guy was exhausted.

We woke up and got to go see Alex and Jana's church, Four Corners. They are church planters doing an amazing work and we were so excited to be able to see Alex preach and see them in their element on Sunday morning.

After church we decided that it was time to make the haul back home. It was a great weekend! I mean, when we couldn't remember the last time we made a road trip, with all the kids, un-ministry or family related, just for fun!
A quick pit-stop to get some "exosize", look for some "tweshoze", and change into jammies.
(sorry, I can't say things that Zeke says without trying to write them the way he says them, ha!)

Josh, has a write-up of Alex's church on HIS BLOG. Go check it out!
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