Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Did you know that if you turn the lights off in the kitchen you are less likely to go in and grab a snack in the evening?

2 - Sometimes after I just want one bite of ice cream I'll put the spoon directly in the dishwasher because I know that if I set it on the counter I'm more likely to get "just one more bite".

3 - I am slowly changing my kid's palate. I've been drastically cutting down on "snack food" and buying different vegetables, fruits, dips and nuts. They may not like something the first time I offer it, but the more I offer it the more likely they are to start developing a taste for it.

4 - If I take a shower first thing in the morning my workout will never happen...not that it will happen if I don't get around to taking my shower until right before bed, I'm just sayin'.

5 - If I do get that workout in I am more likely to drink water the rest of the day, as opposed to more coffee or a soda.
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