Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday - Updates

1 - Our best buds Jeremiah and Jenn are leaving THIS SUNDAY to go get their precious Eli from Ethiopia! I can't stop thinking about it and praying for them. I can't even begin to imagine how this must feel. Pray with me for them. I know they'd love to hear from you too!
2 - Well, the kids have been in the same room for 4 days now and there has been no catastrophy to speak of. They have done amazing! As a matter of fact, Cai gave me a grin when I showed him around his "new" room. I can tell they love all being together! They can even nap together without incidence too. We are shocked!

3 - Micaiah had been really fussy since last Saturday and started having a fever on Wednesday night. I'm thinking, "Oh great! He's got another ear infection so the garlic drops aren't working" and "His little necklace isn't working it's magic!" So, I took him to the doctor yesterday because his fever was spiking rapidly. Of course it was just a virus that they can't do anything for, but at least I know that there is nothing else I can do. Plus, I learned that his ears look great! I hadn't heard that from a doctor in several months!!! That means the garlic drops have done the trick and they really are working! No more ear infections for my little boy, woohoo!

4 - You may have seen on facebook and twitter that I had a little incident a couple of days ago involving boiling water and my stomach. I am pleased to announce that my 4 little pea-sized blisters are healing very nicely. Thanks to all my concerned friends out there;) I just have to add...Areyna came to me a little while after this happened and told me that she and Zeke stopped and prayed for my boo-boo to get better "real quick". Wow!

5 - Josh got back late afternoon yesterday from a camp. He said it went well. As a matter of fact we know of at least 23 kids who gave their life to Christ this week. Praise The Lord!!!

BONUS FACT: Josh's friend, Will Hughes, interviewed Josh on his blog about our ministry. It's a pretty cool little write-up. You should go check it out to see how our ministry has evolved:)

Happy Friday Ya'll!
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