Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture Overload From Carowinds

Cai and me waiting for the big picture by the water fountain
(thanks for the beautiful capture Keesha!)

Everyone, minus Jenn and Ezra who were MIA due to a stomach bug.
Kelly took this one.

Zeke has a "Snoopy Shote" that he wears every other day of the week that I actually succeed in getting his spiderman costume off of him...except for when he actually MET Snoopy.
He was SOOOOOO excited. We went and saw him 3 more times.

Kayil and Ella riding the airplanes

Areyna and Cana

Uncle Moose and Zeke shooting webs while riding the hot air balloons

Kayil, Areyna, me and Jenn

All the height-eligible kids on the swings

Zeke, Areyna and Cana waiting for another go-around

Uncle Moose, Zeke and Kayil

Poppie, carting around a tuckered-out Kayil after a LONG day

We were the last ones in the family to leave the park.

What a fun day.

Thank you Joy for graduating, ha!
And thank you Meme and Poppie for such a wonderful day of family togetherness!!!
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