Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday - Friends

1 - Last weekend we had some friends drive up from Charlotte to watch the Lost finale with us! They used to come over every week to watch it with us before we moved, so it only seemed appropriate to reunite for the finale. We had a GREAT time with them. Cai and Leighra got along quite long as Cai didn't crawl all over her and smoosh her face down into the floor:)

Kyle and Audrey even fixed us dinner which was AMAZING! Thanks ya'll for coming and being such great friends!

2 - I found this cute picture the other day. Zeke is always going to be a Super Hero. Our friends Scott and Stefanie took our kids for a whole day so we could pack some boxes before we moved. I mean, what friends DO that?
3 - This weekend we are on our way down south to surprise one of our friends for his birthday! We haven't seen them in YEARS! We are SO excited. I'll definitely be posting pictures of this fun weekend...after he unwraps Josh for his birthday:)

4 - Cai loves food so much that he crawled over to suck on the bottom of his cousin's bottle. He just can't help himself.
5 - A new friend in the mirror...
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