Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 Months

Weight: 21.2 lb.

This month:

He's been working on screaming/yelling, uh, I mean communication

He is crawling like a champ

He can sit from the crawling position

Says "ah-dah" for "all done"

Understands simple directions like "no" or "go see daddy!"

Been known to stop crawling so he can lay down and suck his thumb.
These kids and their thumbs are going to be the end of me!

He's become very attached to his bubby, just like Zeke.
It can be just about any material, which is good.
This morning he grabbed Zeke's Superman costume as his bubby.
Comforting for Cai...not so much for Zeke, ha!

Starting to like playing games:
chase and "peek-a-boo"

Hasn't quite figured out that his head is the first thing that comes into contact with objects while crawling. He's constantly got a little red bump on his forehead from crawling into things.

Getting VERY curious!

Pulls up to his knees to reach something...not quite to his feet yet.

He knows that there are certain things he's not supposed to get into.
He'll go to it, grab it, look at us and smile, like, "now what are you going to do?"

He has very sensitive feelings.
If we get onto him for his little attitude he falls a part=(
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