Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Still Don't Understand...

We had an unexpected visit to the doctor yesterday. After seeing Areyna's rash spread over her entire body and going in to see that her eye was completely swollen shut and after feeling completely spent from holding and consoling Micaiah for the past couple of days we decided to take them in.

$50 later (and that's not including the money we spent buying out the CVS pharmacy!) we found out Areyna has pink eye and the pollen, in conjunction with the pink eye, has caused her to get an eyelid infection. She was also diagnosed with another infection that I won't bother mentioning to the whole blogosphere world. Micaiah was also diagnosed with full blown ear infections.

Now, do you think it was that much harder to look in Micaiah's ears really quickly after checking Areyna's eye? I cannot figure out why I have to pay 2 co-pays when we are in there for the exact amount of time!!!!

Can anybody fill me in?
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