Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Milk - Free Lawn Care - Fun Friend For The Kids

Ok...so I KNOW you are going to laugh when you read this but I'm all about transparency on this blog, right?

Josh has been scouring Craigslist for a drum set for Zeke's birthday. I know, I know. He's going to absolutely DRIVE US CRAZY with that thing, but we believe in encouraging our children's passions;)

Anyway, one day last week, Josh told me that he had come across something pretty random during his search. He told me that people are selling milking goats for like $50 all the time on there. There was a sparkle in his eye just waiting for my reaction. I could tell where he was going with this because he had just spent HOURS, literally, mowing our yard. That's just the mowing. He can't seem to find extra time to trim or weed eat or ANYTHING else.

Well, I pretty much laughed it off...but 5 minutes later my mind started conjuring up endless benefits to having one of these milking cows. I mean, free milk, free lawn care, we have the perfect yard for one of these guys, my kids would LOVE it! We even have a fenced-in section in our backyard for her to roam around in that we could clear out.

I was asking my mom about milking goats and she smiled. I was thrilled that she thought it was a good idea. She had NOTHING but positive things to say about female milking goats...until she looked at me and said, "BUT, you have to milk them every day...twice a day."

My world crashed around me. We travel for a living. There is NO way that would work. I started picturing family vacation snuggled up with a goat and my dream vanished.

It would have been fun, though=)
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