Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cuddles And Consequences

To say that yesterday was a rough day is a HUGE understatement!

The defiance started as soon as I said "Good Morning" and I KNEW it was about to be a Craigslist day. I was absolutely beside myself by 10am...

...and then we had play day at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Moose's house and I quickly realized that he had just been warming up with the previous episodes.

There was no reasoning and rational thinking. The safest place for him (from Mr. Spanky, our "consequence" spoon, and this crazy woman he calls "mommy") at this point was strapped in his car seat (doors open for cool air of course). I left him kicking and screaming while I gathered up the other 2 kids, and what was left of my sanity, and headed home.

My in-laws were passing through to wish Josh a happy birthday (it's his 30th today!!!! Stop by and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and brought us a slushy, which plummeted to it's death ALL OVER MY KITCHEN FLOOR only moments after my first sip. Oh, did I mention, my swiffer broke in half which means that I STILL have a sticky kitchen floor?

After days like this, I am reminded that "this too shall pass" and these days are quickly lived. I KNOW my children are a gift from the Lord! I do. I don't think that I take that for granted. I know some people struggle to have children of their own and other's have lost their children. I understand that my children are God's children and that I have the responsibility to teach and train them, which, I think, is the number one reason why I get so overwhelmed with days like these. I feel at a loss to do my job. I don't know the best way to reach the heart of my children sometimes.

But when all is said and done, and the day is FINALLY over with these wild children of mine fast asleep, I can't seem to resist sneaking into his room, climbing in bed with my sweet little boy, and cuddling him, while I pray for patience, endurance and wisdom for another day.
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