Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hotels and Home

We had a great weekend in Greenwood, SC with our friend Travis Agnew. We ran into tons of our college friends that we hadn't seen in years. Just another perk for doing what we do. I would have never imagined we'd be doing ministry along side so many of the people we've met along our journey.

We broke up the trip by stopping by and staying with Jody and Emily on Thursday night and visiting our old alma mater, NGU. Then we woke up and headed to Greenwood for their D-Now weekend and then to lead worship on Sunday morning.

Oh yeah, on the way their we stopped by this place called the Happy Cow Creamery. So fun! You HAVE to take your kids. The only problem was that, after explaining where we were and what they do Areyna refused to drink their milk saying, "But I don't like milk when it comes right out of the cow." HA!

Anyway, after our afternoon adventures we checked into our hotel room. It was such a relaxing weekend. We only had to play evening sessions so we had the day to just hang out with the kids. We slept in until after 9am and then Josh brought our continental breakfast to the room so we could watch cartoons and eat. Then we went to an awesome park down the road with a picnic because it was gorgeous outside!

Cai is at the perfect age for hotel rooms. He's aware of what's going on but when he's ready to sleep, he's ready to sleep. We put a blanket on the side of his pack-n-play so he couldn't watch what was going on and he could fall asleep with Zeke and Josh wrestling right next to him and the TV on. Pretty amazing.

On our way home we passed right by Charlotte's IKEA and we HAD to stop. I mean, we had to eat dinner. And you can't beat their $1 dinner deal on Swedish Meatballs this weekend=) We let the kids play on their playground for awhile and then packed back up to head home.

Josh laughed at me the whole way because I was literally following our trip on the Atlas exit by exit in excitement. "Why" you ask? Well, my dear friends, I am home for a whole month! That's right. I got to unpack my suitcase and put it AWAY! I'm staying local baby=)

So, if you need me I'll be frolicking around in my jammies with my candles lit, my windows open and organizing closets and scrapbooking and...
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