Thursday, March 4, 2010

Differentiating Between The "I Love You"s

We say "I Love You" a lot around this house. I started noticing something very peculiar though. The I Love You's were beginning to take on different meanings.

So, I devised a plan to get to the bottom of this common phrase of affection. It was kind of like trying to figure out the different cries of a baby...but totally different=)

Anyway, I started tallying up the I Love You's and categorizing them for a whole day and this is the result:

5 - I Love You's coupled with an act of love such as a hug, kiss or sweet eye contact

3 - Random/Nonchalant I Love You's

4 - "I forgot what I was going to say" I Love You's

2 - Guilty I Love You's (like when they are about to get caught doing something wrong, like sneaking food out of the kitchen=)

2 - I want something I Love You's

Pretty interesting results I'd say=)
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