Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update On Micaiah

As a lot of you know, we've been pretty sick around this Via house. Micaiah started coming down with something last Saturday in Richmond at the Winter Retreat. After several days of cold-like symptoms he was beginning to wheeze and was having trouble breathing as well. We started his albuterol treatments (from when he had bronchiolitis the beginning of Dec.). He wasn't getting any better, in fact he started getting a little fever and was struggling even more for his oxygen.

We took him into the doctor last Friday. They gave him 2 breathing treatments and then a steroid to help his enflamed lungs, followed by 1 more breathing treatment in hopes of bringing his heart rate down. Our pediatrician was very concerned so she sent us directly to the ER where they diagnosed him with bronchiolitis (again) and RSV. Since his oxygen levels were alright they went ahead and sent us home telling us that he should get better in a couple of days.

Well, Sunday rolled around and he was acting even worse. His temperature spiked up to 102.9 and he was very lethargic, struggling for breathe even more and wheezing worse. The pediatrician sent us back to the ER where they monitored him closely for several hours.

They checked for a urinary tract infection, knowing that he had to have some other kind of virus along with the bronchiolitis and RSV that was triggering the higher temperature. His urine came back regular, his oxygen levels were good and they were beginning to control his temp. and breathing. They gave him an epinephrine treatment and something else to help his lungs. After several more hours of monitoring they told me that it was up to me whether we wanted them to admit Cai or send him home.

We ended up getting home after 9pm Sunday night. My sister-in-law brought us over this thing called an Angelcare monitor to help monitor his breathing at night. It put our minds at ease so we could sleep better. Monday was a little better with more alertness and less wheezing.

I've been sick this whole time too so Josh was sweet enough to take Cai in for his follow-up appointment today. They gave him another treatment and checked him over really well. She said he looked and sounded much better but because he is so prone to getting this had has to take this new treatment (on top of his normal breathing treatments) until this cold/flu season is over (the end of March). She said that this should at least keep him out of the ER.

Today he is beginning to act like normal again. I see life in him again which is just wonderful.

So, we are counting our blessings and praising God that Cai is getting better and that we have medicine that can make him well.
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