Monday, February 8, 2010

If They Had It Their Way...

If the kid's could have it their way they would... cereal or mac-n-cheese for every meal.
...make blanket forts every day. worship videos on an hourly basis.
...drink their bath water.
...never wear socks with their shoes, or shoes at all for that metter!
...have appointed wrestle times scheduled throughout the day with daddy.
...wear their spiderman and princess costumes every day...all day! all their toothpaste. us out of naptime so they could "read" books by flashlight every afternoon. on the top bunk.
...take apart all of Areyna's necklaces so they can play with the beads.
...tape all kinds of things ALL OVER THE HOUSE=)
...have so many bags to put things in that they couldn't keep up with them all.
...jump on the couch and beds.
...never want Micaiah to take a nap (whether we heard Cai's cry of protest or not).
...switch seats at the dinner table a dozen times in one meal. with all of daddy's recording stuff and record their own band.
...get flowers EVERY time we are at the grocery store.

What would your kids do if they had it THEIR way?
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