Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 Months

Micaiah is 6 months today!
He is sick as a dog, can't you tell=)
We spent our yesterday in the Doctors office and ER.
He has RSV and Bronchiolitis (again).
He's lost weight so I'll post his weight after he starts eating normally again.
We're having to monitor his breathing closely but we can tell he is on the mend.
It's been 7 days and they say that he should be fine in another few days.

On a brighter note, here are a few NEW things Cai has done this month:

He started copying sounds and facial movements

He is sitting up for several minutes at a time before toppling over
To our dismay he started sucking his thumb this month
(we are just destined to have all thumb-suckers)

He is now a tummy sleeper

He no longer needs to be swaddled
(makes it a lot easier to lay him down, wherever, for a nap)

When he is playing on his tummy he scoots to his toys sometimes

Loves avacados, oatmeal and sweet potatoes (or ANYTHING food!)

He LOVES people! All the nurses and Dr. yesterday were making over how cute he was in spite of how terrible he was feeling. He smiles at everybody he sees=)

Happy 6 months of life little Cai-bo!
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