Friday, January 22, 2010

What Have I Created?!

Josh had a dream last night. Here's how it went...

Josh: I was in Food Lion with a small list of things. Joy (his sister) was with me. I got all the stuff on the list and then went to the self-checkout. I tried to scan my MVP card but it was so old and crumply (is that even a word?) that it wouldn't scan (which really IS true) so I just started pushing in the numbers on the key pad so I could get all the sales. After I entered all the numbers the cash register door came open with all the money in it. I thought, 'what in the world!' as I quickly shut the door and tried to push the 'help' button for somebody to come over and help. While I was waiting I decided to go ahead and scan my coupons. By that time I'd forgotten about my MVP card not working and swiped my debit card to pay for the groceries. It wasn't until after the payment that I realized that I didn't get credit for all the sales because I'd forgotten about the MVP card. Then Joy offered her card, I'm not sure why she didn't think of that sooner, and I tried to swipe it but it was too late! I was SO mad because I had gotten so many things on sale! Then I heard my alarm going off in my sub-conscience. I got up to turn my alarm off and I was really mad. I woke up mad because I didn't get those sales!

Thank goodness for the snooze button. I don't think he ever got credit for the sales but at least he didn't wake up mad after his alarm went off the second time, ha!=)
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