Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Did You Say?

Every once in a while...alright maybe a little more than every ONCE in a while, Josh and I will have a breach in our communication.

We know it has just occurred when the following happens:

One of us just finishes saying something profound, and the other just looks at the other with a blank stare, trying to process the previous request, statement, or sentence.

I decided that I would dedicate a series of posts for these oh-so-funny moments in time. I know some of them just won't be given justice unless you were present for the communication mishap but I'll record it here none-the-less. It'll be a good laugh regardless, HA!

Josh: "Yeah, Chad does some pretty cool things with loops."
I THOUGHT he said: "Yeah, Chad does some pretty cool things with lutes."

I'm thinking: "I mean, I know Chad is talented but wow, a lute? I had no idea!"
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