Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 Months

5 months...SERIOUSLY?!
Weight: 18.2 LB.

Here are a few of Micaiah's favorites this past month:

Rolling Over - he started rolling over a few days after he turned 4 months
Sleeping 12 Hours - This is a personal favorite of mine;)
Eating - We were forced to add solid foods to his diet this month.
Man this kid is an eater!
Playing with toys - he is starting to play with his little toys
Sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth!
Talking - he LOVES to hear his own voice lately
Sitting Up - He still isn't totally sitting up on his own
but he LOVES to see what's going on around him=)
Not Pooping - yeah, this kid only has about 3 BM's a month.
The Dr. isn't worried but...poor guy!
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