Monday, December 7, 2009

We Got Him

We couldn't have asked for a better house.  We absolutely LOVE our new place.  We love the area.  We love being in a little town but SUPER CLOSE to everything else, like the mall and church!

Little did we know, though, that when we moved in we were going to add another addition to this family.  Not so much the cute cuddly kind of the human nature, but the furry, squeaky kind.

Yes, we had a mouse in the kitchen before we even moved in.  I have never personally had a mouse in my house so it kind of came as a shock to me.  It totally grossed me out and cramped my style.  Especially after organizing my kitchen and finding the perfect home for my stuff.

The last couple weeks have been like a game of wits trying to catch our little furry friend.  We did a little research on the internet (thanks Kelly) and went to the store to get a few things.  We purchased the new glue traps, that continued to sit empty under our countertops, and the standard poison blocks, which were quickly consumed leaving traces of lime green droppings around the bottom shelves.  We then considered him a mutant mouse and realized our need to step it up a notch.

With no success my ever-so-clever husband concocted a trap of his own.  He got one of my tupperwear containers, yes, I will definitely be throwing this one away, spread peanut butter on the bottom of it with a piece of cheese sitting in the middle tied to a string which was attached to a Q-tip which held the contraption open.  I mean, just look at it...pure genius.
This trap, however, never actually caught our little furry friend.  In fact, if you look closely you can see little mouse footprints in the peanut butter, which leads us to believe that maybe he thought that we were just being nice to lay out some more food for him=)

Then last night, almost 2 weeks later while we were settling in for the night after being in Charlotte for the weekend, we noticed something on the floor.  Something little, furry and DEAD!!!!  

Yes!  We got him.  We imagine that the poison just took a while to set in and he just ran out of steam!

So, RIP little friend!  We WILL NOT miss you!
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