Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's Play!

I've been involved in play groups before. They are actually one of my most dreaded things. Let me just explain myself before you get all offended=)

I don't do so well with crowds. And I do even worse with chaos, so a house full of kids running around going crazy and a kitchen full of opinionated moms is a recipe for disaster in my mind.

But this play group is a little different!

My sisters-in-law and I all got together and decided to take advantage of our close living proximity. We have designated Tuesday mornings/afternoons as our play day. We rotate houses every week and the host home provides a simple lunch for everyone.

We had our first one here, with 9 kids 4 and under, running around in our house. It was a blast! At least I know I had fun. And surprisingly we had plenty of full adult conversations while the kids played.

Just another reason why it's so nice to live close to family.
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