Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All That Glitters

Over a year ago Josh and his dad had this crazy idea.  Knowing that different people are reached in different ways, they wanted to share the gospel message through the combination of spoken word and music to reach the lost.  So, this past summer Rick came down and they headed to the studio (our awesome band was involved too) to lay down the tracks for this project.

This has been one of the longest projects we've worked on.  It seemed like there was one hold up after another.  This only means one thing in my mind, that God is going to use this GREATLY and Satan was just trying to butt in and delay the inevitable as long as he could.

But now it is here!  We got the first box on Saturday before heading out to lead in Matthews, NC on Sunday and we sold out!  Another shipment came in yesterday afternoon. 

These CD's are the perfect tool to hand out, kind of like those old-school tracts that you would hand to your cashier as you checked out or put on the table in a restaurant to your waitress (but you better make sure you tip good if you do this one=).

Here's how you can get your hands on this new project, All That Glitters, to pass out to your loved ones who don't know Christ.  You can go to the website HERE and follow the links to purchase them (they're only $3 each, this includes shipping, or $2 each if you buy more than 50) and then become a fan and take part in the conversation HERE on facebook.  You can even take a listen HERE.

So, jump in and let's get the Word out!
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