Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"We Only Write On...PAPER!"

We have a rule at our house.

"We only write on PAPER!"

The kids KNOW that, so when I walked in to get the kids out of room time I was shocked to see THIS!
Zeke had drawn Spiderwebs on his legs so he looks like Spiderman.

Me:  "Zeke, what in the world.  We...only...write...on..."

Zeke: "...paper!"

Me:  "Zeke, did you disobey mommy? Are your legs paper?"

Zeke:  "But I'm Spiderman mommy!"

What am I supposed to say to that?!  This is what happens when you are a mommy to a superhero I suppose=)

He's just going to have to walk around with these "webs" on him until he gets a bath...and we all know those are few and far between in this Via family, HA!
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