Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's Goal

It's cold and rainy here today.  Kind of makes me just want to curl back up in bed and sleep some more but I wouldn't dare miss Micaiah's conversation with his friends hanging over his bouncy seat this morning.  I love his first morning wake time.  He is so happy after sleeping all night and getting a full breakfast.  

Josh finally got home from Raleigh last night and the kids were absolutely thrilled to be able to wrestle for a while (maybe a little too long, they were WIRED during their bedtime routine) before they went down to bed.

I drove back from Raleigh with the kids on Sunday evening so I could be here for the roofers who were coming to give estimates on Monday.  We are trying to negotiate roofing repairs with our buyers.  I know there are definite plusses to owning your own home, but you couldn't pay me a million dollars to look into buying another house right away.  This has not been a fun process.  Plus, we are going to be completely debt free after selling our house!  That will be such a GREAT feeling, even if only for a short time.

Josh and I were trying to get our calendars together so we could set our moving dates.  First of all, when you can't find a single day that would work to move between rehearsals and studio time then I'd say you are too busy;)  But that's just a side note.  While we were looking at the calendar we realized, we have less than 2 weeks left in this house.  We better get packing!  But where are we going?  We still haven't found a place to live.  I'm feeling a bit like Abraham, obeying God and going where he leads, but not knowing the details, you know, like where to forward our mail and such!  I HAVE to keep getting my freebies=)  So, we just press on in faith, believing that God has a special place for our growing family that will fit our needs.

I decided that I needed a goal to get this house packed while balancing all our responsibilities and kids at the same time.  I'll spare you all the details but my goal today is to round up the boxes and packing supplies and get one room completely packed up.  In theory it seems like it will work, but now the cold, rainy day is calling me back to bed.  So maybe I'll go put "sleep in until the kids get up" at the top of my to-do list so I can check that off first.  THEN I'll start packing=)

Happy Wednesday Ya'll...
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