Monday, October 12, 2009

Pocketbook Challenge

For some reason Josh and the kids think that my pocketbook is the place for them to store EVERYTHING we need on an outing.  After several weeks of shoulder and back pain from carrying the thing around I figure it's probably time to clean it out.

Here's what I found today:
Diapers, wipes, onesie, spit-up cloth and USED bottle (EWW!)
Gummie snacks and Raisins
Several Pens
A Journey worship guide
Coupon folder
Floater coupons that never got put away
An empty Ziploc baggie
Coloring book
Some of Rainy's toys
Guitar pick
Zeke's undies
Starbucks VIA coffee
Lip Balm
Change purse
Notes (yes, that plate had an address on it that we checked out for a house, HA!) for house hunting

Now that is just ridiculous!  But now I want to know...

What's in YOUR pocketbook?
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