Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday

1- Found THIS recipe this week and it became a family favorite.  You should really sign up for Kraft Kitchen's newsletter.  It is e-mailed to your inbox every week with great recipes and ideas!

2- I played a show with Sara last night at Belmont Abby.  It was really fun, but I'm getting way too old to be staying out so late=)  J/K

3- We have a moving plan:  We are packing up our truck next Saturday evening (the 24th) and unloading the truck (somewhere*sigh) on that Sunday evening (the 25th).

4- My goal for today - pack up the kitchen.  Josh went out and bought plastic cups and paper plates so we can make a dent in the kitchen.  We're doing pretty good I think.

5- Just for because - The Boys;)

6- Bonus Fact For The Day - we gave in WAY too early this year.  We turned the heat on last night, gasp.  It was in the lower 60's in the house, though, and the mountains were predicting 2-4" of snow.  I don't feel all that bad though seeing as the warmth made us ALL want to stay in bed.  Micaiah didn't get up until 8:20 and the older kids got up at 9:00.  We'll start holding out again in the new house...maybe;)


Abbey said...

We've held out longer on heat than you and we are in NH. Sorry I am just bragging (and freezing) a bit, seeing that it is snowing this morning;-) We are crazy NH folks who don't turn their heat on until November. (Seriously, that is what most people do - and buildings like the YWCA)

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Ha...we turned the heat on this week too. Couldn't take the cold feet and noses any longer =)

I love the picture of Kai's smile on the changing table. You can't help but grin in return even though no one else has any idea why you are grinning! I do think he is going to quickly outgrow his older brother and pass on his clothes to Zeke =)

Ashley said...

that that first pic of Micaiah is soo cute. good luck with the move, I wish I was closer so that I could help ya'll!