Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday

Thursday was cleaning day and boy are we clean.   

Here's what got cleaned around here:

1- The kids got a bath.  This deserves applause seeing as it wasn't even a Tuesday or Saturday bath night=)  Even Cai smells of soothing lavender.

2- The laundry.  Yup it's ALL clean!  Now, I just gotta get it folded...any takers?

3- I got a shower and even put on makeup=)  Josh and I had a HOT coffee date yesterday afternoon.

4- The dishes.  O00h yeaaahhh...the dishes are all clean for one day.  What a GREAT feeling.

5- The WHOLE house, you know, bathrooms, showers, sweeping, mopping, dusting...  I was just going to sweep the kitchen floor but I got a little carried away I guess, HA!
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