Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 Months

13.7 lb - 90% 
(as you can tell from the picture)
24" - 90%
39cm - 25%

This month our little boy chunked up fast!  Don't laugh at that double chin...it just means he's healthy=)  He went from preemie and newborn clothes to 3-6 month clothes, completely skipping the 0-3 month ones.  We moved his car seat straps up to the top slot already and he is on the verge of being in size 2 diapers!  What in the world=)

Micaiah shared his first little giggle this month with his big sister Areyna.  She was playing peek-a-boo with him and he LOVED it=)

He has become very fond of his new friends dangling above him in his swing and bouncy seat.  He coos and smiles at them for long periods of time.

He did start talking a little this month, but he still mostly communicates with fluctuating grunts, fidgety body movements and heart-warming smiles.  I know he is really trying to tell me something when he can't seem to hold still!

We are seeing the colic less and less the more stable his routine gets.

He began sleeping through the night this month.  I'll feed him anywhere between 10 and 11pm and then again between 7 and 8am!  The only thing that wakes him up now at night is a full diaper, I can handle that=)

In spite of us almost forgetting him in the car or nursery a half dozen times because we've forgotten we've added another child to the bunch we can't imagine our lives without him.=)
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