Thursday, September 17, 2009

Words Of Wisdom - Spiderman

Zeke just got a spiderman costume and he has practically lived in it since he got home with it.  He has been in spider world ever since, fighting off the green goblin and other "bad guys" to save Ariel his princes;)

Anyway, he found a bottle of gatorade and Josh started calling it "spider juice".  When the bottle was empty he started asking for more "spider juice".  I explained to him that if he drank too much it could make his tummy hurt.

After several attempts to find someone who would give him his "fix" I stooped down to his eye level and said...

Me: "Zeke, what did mommy say about having more "spider juice"?

Zeke:  "That we had to wait to have some more."

Me:  "And why does mommy want you to wait to drink more "spider juice"?

Zeke:  "Because I might turn into a big spider web."

Of Course, naturally=)

Me:  "Uh...yeah...and you might get a tummy ache too." HA!
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