Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday Afternoon Timeline

12:30pm - eating lunch with the kids

12:39pm - miss a call from the agency saying there is a potential showing

1:00pm - on my way out the door to go on a walk with the kids

1:02pm - find my phone so I can make a couple of phone calls while on the walk.  notice that I missed the call from the agency.  

1:03pm - call the agency back who says that there is a family who would like to see the house at 1:45pm

WHAT 1:45?!?!?!

1:04pm - run in the office to tell Josh we have a showing in less than 45 min.  Apologize to the kids about the walk but promise the park in just a few short minutes...

1:05 - 1:39pm - frantically straighten up the room, sweep the floors, store unnecessary items around the house, pick up the yard.  Areyna is a HUGE help with their rooms!

1:25pm - time to feed Micaiah.  Good thing he is still wait

1:26pm - Micaiah wakes up VERY HUNGRY.  Go heat up a bottle

1:29pm - recruit Areyna to start Cai on his bottle while we finish up the house

1:39pm - load up the car just in time.  head to a park for an hour or so

1:50pm - Good thing I just bought one of these last week!  Old lady keeps staring at me wondering why I'm wearing a blanket when it is 80 degrees outside=)

Just another day with the Via's:)
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