Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Won't Always Be Like This

It won't Always Be Like This - Let Me Explain:

Just for the record, I am a schedule momma.  It is a fact that children need a schedule and actually tend to put themselves on their own schedule.  Also, knowing my child's next move is a MUST as a mom on the road with a ministry to run.  So, this may come as a shock to some of you who know me.

Micaiah has a "personal fussy time", except his is not like the normal, around dinner time fussiness.  It could last for hours or he could go a whole day without a screaming spell.  But with Micaiah, it's not just fussy, he down-right SCREAMS.  Josh and I have totally racked our brains trying to think of anything and everything that will calm our screaming baby.  We swaddle, un-swaddle, we give a paci, we burp, we've already given a full feeding, more wake time, less wake time, he hates the swing, the bouncy seat...

We've tried to just let him cry-it-out knowing from past experience that sometimes it just takes a good cry for some babies to get into a comfortable sleep, but Micaiah is a slow learner in this department=) and he would go all night long if we would let him I'm afraid.

There IS one thing that he LOVES.  He loves to be held.  He is a cuddler and by that I mean after a good 10 min. of crying if we go in there and pick him up he is asleep in our arms within 1 min., no exaggeration.

So, after all the normal doubts that a mother has when her child is crying I have come to a won't always be like this.

Not only will my little boy grow out of this fussy stage but he will grow up and no longer WANT to be held all the time.  That realization opened my eyes to the fact that I can either get frustrated during this stage and question my ability to be the mother God created me to be...


although still seeing the importance of teaching our children healthy sleeping habits and continuing to slowly teach these to Micaiah, I can also see the importance of  picking up my sweet little boy and holding him in my arms, because, like I said, 

it won't always be like this...

***After I wrote this post I had to take Micaiah to the Dr. because he had an eye infection.  I described these screaming episodes to our pediatrician and she said that he is textbook colic.  It explained so much.  I have done a lot of research now about colic and, although it doesn't make the screaming episodes any easier, it helps to know that he will outgrow it and that we are doing exactly what he needs during this time=)***
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