Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday - This One Has a Free mp3!

1- I finally got a couple good pictures of all 3 of the kids this week!

2- I made my first successful grocery trip with all three kids this week!  Areyna and Zeke did great in the car-cart, especially since a cookie was promised for happy hearts and first-time obedience during the trip.   I carried Micaiah in the baby bjorn and he slept the whole time.  I think we've got a good system:)

3- I started school with Rainy and Zeke this week.  We started with the letter "A" and we'll work our way through.  We'll be practicing writing the letters and finding things that start with the letter and try to do some letter themed meals.  We'll see how it goes...

Getting ready

Areyna wasn't too crazy about school...
until we started and then she didn't want it to be over.
Zeke on the other hand has some attention issues...
This picture speaks for itself:)

4- Micaiah's umbilical cord finally fell off on Wednesday afternoon so you better believe he got his first bath.  It didn't last long, but boy does he smell sweet!

5- My awesome husband wrote another song called "Broken" and he's gonna let you download it for free HERE!  If you just want to listen to it you can go HERE.
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