Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy Date

A Daddy Date was WAY overdue for Areyna and her daddy.  Josh had to take his guitar in to get some work done on it and he asked if he could take Areyna with him and then take her on a date.  I thought it was a GREAT idea!

First Stop:  Sonic's Happy Hour
2 Bucks, you can't beat that!
Second Stop:  Reedy Creek Park
Absolutely FREE!
Josh got the 'ol GPS out and did a search for "Parks" and this Nature Park came up really close to where they were so they thought they'd go check it out.  What a find!  It's got just a regular park, nature trails, hands-on exhibits and a nature center with nature and animal exhibits.  Areyna couldn't stop talking about it, she had a blast!

Areyna next to a stuffed dear.  
She didn't quite understand why some of the animals were dead and "frozen" but she loved seeing all the different kinds of animals.
Not ALL the animals were "frozen":)
Checking out one of the exhibits with binoculars.
They even got a cool map that showed them where to go.
Areyna was the guide and pretty proud of it!
Josh said he mapped out how far they walked today and they went about 2.5 miles.  Let's just say that I didn't hear a peep from the kids after we shut the door to put them in bed tonight=)
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