Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home, The 4th, New Baby, 3 and Other Baby News

First of all, I think Josh gave me his jet-lag=)  I have hardly been able to keep my eyes open since he got home as my body has finally allowed itself to let down.  I've decided that the next trip Josh takes will need to be minus the super-prego wife and the emotions that come with it, HA!  This was def. the hardest trip on me just because I'm getting more and more immobile and tired while having to keep up with the kids=)

Josh made it home.  The kids have been like static cling to his side, not even allowing him to get up and go to the bathroom without them, literally!  We all missed him so much but are so thankful to have a daddy/husband who loved Jesus more than anything and is willing to go and be a mouthpiece for the Lord in other countries.  You can read the recap of his trip HERE!  God is SO good.

The 4th
The kids had started hearing the prelude to fireworks by the neighborhood kids all week long. They also knew that daddy was coming home on fireworks day so you can imagine how excited they were to get their daddy home and head to Monroe for the light show. The parking lot that our church's Monroe campus is in is a GREAT place to watch the fireworks. They had set out bouncy fun houses and had live music and BBQ. It was a fun night. This is the first year Areyna watched the fireworks without covering her ears because of the noise=)

New Baby
My sister and brother-in-law had their 3rd little baby girl on the 4th so we figured, hey since "this is just what we do" we hopped in the car to go visit little Karis and the rest of the family=)  Now I'm REALLY ready to have Micaiah, I'm next in line!

Zeke turned 3 yesterday!  I can't believe how quickly time flies.  He is such a big boy now.  Here are some things he is into...
  • Sneaking food out of the pantry
  • "Cars" - He LOVES Lightning Faqueen=)
  • Super Heroes
  • Acting like a rockstar!
  • Food
  • He can now get up and go potty all by himself at night...although he hasn't quite mastered putting his jammy bottoms on alone=)
  • Playing air guitar, air piano, air drums...
  • Wallets - he loves to put things in them, out of them, just plain carrying them around
  • He ALWAYS has to have a guitar pick
  • Eating
  • Swimming
  • Buttons - Anything that has knobs and buttons to push
  • Have I mentioned that he loves food?!
We all went to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate and he had a blast!

Other Baby News
I made it to another baby appointment on Monday.  Micaiah is down and ready.  She also said I was measuring right at 36 weeks and was a fingertip dilated which I know doesn't mean a thing except it's nice to know things are heading in the right direction!

So now, we are home.  I love my house, my family, my God and the life He has given me!


Rhonda said...

Hooray! Come little baby come! It'll be fun to hear how the 3rd labor and birth go for you.

Monica said...

We were just at Chucky Cheese the other day. A great spot for kids especially in the summer!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I know you must be glad to have Josh home! I'm nearing the exhaustion stage of the pregnancy and can't imagine chasing two young ones around like you have to! (Though I have to be grateful. I'm still sleeping great at night!! I just can't seem to get ENOUGH sleep - that's the problem!!)