Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Random Beach Stop

We were on our way home from Orlando yesterday and were talking about how sad it was that we didn't really get to do any Florid-ish things while we were in the Orlando area because it rained the whole time!  (Besides catching a few hours of non-rain times to take the kids to a couple parks)  

So, an hour into our trip we decided to find a beach.  Areyna hadn't been since I was REALLY pregnant with Zeke (my parents used to live in Charleston, SC), and Zeke had NEVER been.  We found a beach 3 miles off of I-95 and man am I glad we stopped.  We pulled the bathing suites out, changed in a parking lot, pulled a bag of snacks out and got a blanket (since we didn't have any towels).  I'm just gonna say that I have NEVER seen my son so excited, silly and giddy over anything.  He absolutely LOVED the beach, the waves, the sand the water...the WHOLE experience!  He had NO fear.  He dragged me out way farther than this pregnant momma had balance for so daddy took over.  They went so far out that the waves were crashing up over their heads.  Josh held onto him while he squealed with delight with every incoming wave.  Areyna liked the waves but was more content playing with the sand and seashells in the shallow part of the beach.  We ended up spending about 2 hours there before heading the rest of the 8-hour trip home, sand-covered and all=)  Our think our original arrival time to get home was around 8:15pm...we actually crept up our driveway around 11:30 last night and we were ALL ready to be home!

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