Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday

1- I LOVE getting the mail.  I get excited just thinking about it=)

2- I would love to be able to hang around the house long enough to enjoy a mowed yard.  I can just imagine watching the kids frolicking in the freshly cut grass as opposed to them having to call out to each other from opposite ends of the yard because the weeds are over their eye level.  We are always home just long enough to get the yard looking nice again before heading out of town on another day=)

3- Did you know that there really is a reason for seeing a pair of shoes hanging on a power line.  According to a fairly credible source this sign indicates that drugs can be purchased in the vicinity.  Josh and I are wondering how exactly it all works though.  Does one just stand under the shoes and wait?  Hmmm..
4- Crowds make me sweat.

5- Josh had decided to postpone his Uganda trip until October for financial reasons; until we got home this week and we got the rest of the money in!  So, as of yesterday, my husband will be heading to Uganda, Africa the last 2 weeks of June.
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