Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tights 101

So, today was a first.  Josh was leading worship at one church while I was playing at another.  It was really weird not having my man to share the stage with.  He said his morning went GREAT as did mine=)

Here's the weird thing...the kids went with Josh!  After careful consideration we thought it would be best to keep them together, for Zeke's sake, and to keep them at a more familiar church, for Zeke's sake as well.  Areyna was a little sad that we decided to split up the girls, meaning me and her.  She's really into the girls doing one thing and the boys doing another these days=), but I think she did fine after I explained that she was going to have to help me out and be a BIG helper for daddy with Zeke.

So, last night while Josh gave the kids a bath I tried my best to get everything in order for him so all he had to do was slip their clothes on (that I had laid out) and grab their bag (with breakfast already packed).  While I was laying out their clothes Areyna reminded me that I said she could wear her new pink tights to church this week.  Oh man, I had forgotten that Josh had to get them ready this week!!!

Hence the title of this post.  Josh took a quick little lesson on how to put tights on.  I can't imagine what the tights would have looked like if I wouldn't have given any instruction or the tears that would have been shed during the process by both him and her=)  He just stood there, staring blankly, as I tried to explain why you have to wait to put your legs in until you have the whole leg scrunched up and your thumbs in place at the toe to shimmy them up the leg.

Apparently it went well though and the tights stayed in tact.  Josh even made it to rehearsal on time, with BOTH kids and made it home safe and sound before me!  Way to go baby...I KNEW you could do it=)
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