Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Friend Charlie Hall

Our kids have been obsessed with the Passion '06 music DVD for the last few months.  Zeke will stop everything to clean up the living room so he has plenty of room to air guitar and dance around and sing.  He studies their every move and then mimics them.  Areyna has even joined in on occasion.  

The funny thing is that they are always wondering "Who sings this one?" as if Josh and I should personally know all musicians on TV and the radio.  Right now we're on a first name basis with Charlie, Matt and David (whom, according to Zeke needs a hair cut=)  He likes his "silly beard"!).

So, don't get excited (or jealous) if our kids seem to be BFF's with the Passion Crew, we have only met most of them at Conferences and concerts=)
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