Monday, April 20, 2009


Josh and I have been preparing for our spring/summer schedule to kick in this weekend.  We totalled up the days that Josh would actually be home from this weekend until the baby is due in August and it's less than 2 weeks all together.  I'll be in and out with the kids depending on how they/I do with all the traveling.  It's a little overwhelming to look at it that way but we are just going to go one week/event at a time.  I've been mentally preparing for this for a over a month but due to some unforeseen circumstances the time apart has begun a few days early.  

I just got the kids in bed and the dishes washed from dinner.  I'm tired tonight.  As I write this Josh is on an airplane to Memphis, TN for a funeral of a 25 year-old friend.  We dropped Josh off at the airport after dinner tonight.  My mind was consumed all the way home with thoughts about life...death...the choices we make...the consequences that occur...


During dinner tonight Josh was giving the kids a pep talk to "Obey your mommy", "Be big helpers", "Have happy hearts" and so on.  He knows I have a lot to get done before we head out of town when he gets back and he's heard how crazy they've been today.  Then he did a really sweet thing that I'd like to start implementing more often!  He asked Zeke to think about something that he really liked about Areyna and vice versa.  Then he asked them to tell each other things that each other did to make the other laugh.  It helped change the mood and now I have something to fall back on when they start bickering at each other=)

So, if you think about it pray that I can think about the things I LOVE about my kids and the things they do that make me laugh over the next few days=)
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