Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Dying" With Purpose - Holy Week

While researching what we wanted to do with our family for Holy Week this year I ran across a couple of cool traditions that we combined.  Some people go around to their neighbors and instead of singing Christmas Carols they sing Resurrection songs door to door.  Then, others, like most Americans, participate in dying eggs.  

We decided that we would make this a day long adventure with our kids and dye eggs for our neighbors and invite them to our Easter church services at our home church.  

During the whole day we have been talking about what Holy Week means to us and why we celebrate it.  We have talked about what dying Eggs symbolizes (Christ's death, resurrection and new life) and the need to share this gift with others.

Step 1-Target Dollar Spot to get Easter Baskets and Egg Dye
(I was totally shocked to find NO religious Easter Egg Dye kits!)

Step 2-Dye the Eggs

Step 3-We let the eggs dry during nap time and then we decorated them

Step 4-Put the baskets together
Each basket included:
A note from our family, a church invite, an Egg and 1 of our CD's

Step 5-On our way=)

Step 6-A Pit Stop (Zeke had to go potty)=)
I was surprised at how into it the kids were.  They kept asking for "One more house."  It gave us another chance to talk with some of our neighbors that we hardly ever see.
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