Monday, March 30, 2009

The Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day

Today was jam-packed!  We started off the morning with a 4-year check-up for Areyna.  She is steady around the 50% mark in both height and weight.  So, a denial to take an eye exam, 4 shots, a finger prick and a passed hearing test (we've been wondering about this one since Zeke and Rainy like to hang out by the sub-woofers during band rehearsals) later we came home fully loaded with stickers and a sucker, smiles and all=)

Next on the agenda, a trip to the Billy Graham Library.  Josh and I had gone with the kids before, but we wanted to take my parents.  After the tour the guys dropped me, my mom and Areyna off for a walk-through of IKEA.  My mom was pretty impressed I think=)  While we were looking around the guys headed over to Bass Pro to check out the fish and other animals.  Zeke had a blast.

After the full day we headed home for dinner and a fun night of stories, stuffing the newsletter HOUSE and 24.  

What a GREAT day!  And I just have to dad is smarter than Dr. House.  He called the diagnosis 30 minutes into the show!=)

So, what was your Monday like?

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