Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$25 Gift Card Giveaway

I had the opportunity to try a few products from Ecostore USA for a product review and a give-away on my blog (see below).  I thought, sweet, free products and give-away on my blog, why not=)

The Ecostore foundation is "No Nasty Chemicals".  All of their products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals that are environmentally safe.  

I was so excited when my package showed up with all 3 of the samples I requested to try.

Here's what I thought...

Baby Sleepytime Bath - The smell is so calming and relaxing.  It reminded me of a spa.  It was very gentle on the kids skin and eyes and I LOVED it so much that I stole a little for my own bath the other night=)

Baby Moisturizer - This stuff was amazing.  Areyna has been battling eczema since she was born.  She never had that soft baby skin.  We've tried everything for her breakouts and settled on a strong steroid cream which we weren't even sure worked but thought it was at least something.  Well, the past two times we've given her a bath we have put nothing on her except for this moisturizer and she hasn't complained ONCE about her eczema or itchy skin.  This one product has sold me for sure!  It smells great too.

Citrus Spray Cleaner - I was anxious to try this stuff.  I've cut back on all of my cleaning supplies and was just using a vinegar/water mix to do all my cleaning so that I could get my kids to help with the cleaning (they LOVE to help me clean).  The Citrus Spray Cleaner works well and is environmentally safe but if you are looking for something that is kid-safe I don't recommend this cleaner.  The back says to keep out of reach of children and to keep out of eyes and try not to inhale the spray.  So, although it works I probably will just stick to my vinegar solution for cleaning.

Thank you Ecostore for the opportunity to try your products!

***NOW, on to the give-away!***

Ecostore is giving away a $25 Gift Card to use toward their on-line products.  Here's how you can win!
  1. Leave a comment with your name and e-mail address
  2. I will randomly choose a winner next Tuesday
  3. I will e-mail the winner and post their name on my blog that morning
  4. You have 24 hours to contact me back with your address before I pick another winner.
You can check out the Ecostore USA blog HERE to get even more details about their merchandise.
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