Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Is

I was having "a moment" the other day with my kids.  The morning had gone fine but as soon as Areyna walked in the door from school the war began.  The kids were bickering over every little thing, Zeke wasn't allowing Areyna to finish her new song she had learned, Areyna wanted what Zeke know what I mean.  

It was a pretty nice day outside so I moved us all outside hoping that the fresh air and change of scenery would change our bad attitudes (yes, mine was quickly going from bad to worse).  It worked for a good 2 minutes.  I had had enough!  It was close enough to nap time that I went ahead and put them both to bed, threatening them with their lives if even a peep came from their room (just kidding...well, sort of;)).

I felt completely spent.  I would normally go directly to busying myself around the house or checking my e-mail but that day I went straight to my room and pulled out my Bible.  I needed some REAL wisdom (I promise this is not the norm for this quick-tempered, easy irritated mom although I believe it should be!).  I did a quick word study on "Patience".  I decided to just write all the passages down and really try to meditate on each verse, even if it didn't seem so relevant to my own circumstance.  

I was directed to I Corinthians 13:4 from the Love Chapter.  I began reading "Love is patient..." and couldn't go any further.  I've read these verses a hundred times, I've even memorized them, but I never realized that the very first act of love, according to this passage, is patience.  I think it's because it doesn't come naturally.  It is something that we continually have to work at, especially with those that we love the most.  I pray daily for patience and still fall short of the patience that my family needs.

I say I love my family, but do I have Patience with them?  God is such a perfect example of patience for us.  We bicker at every little thing, we don't allow God to get a word in during our prayer time, we want what everyone else know what I mean.  Yet, He completely and wholeheartedly waits patiently for us.  

Lord, please calm my heart to wait patiently for my children, Your children that you have entrusted to me to mother and nurture and LOVE!
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