Saturday, January 31, 2009

From The Master's Inn To Chesterfield

Josh and I are at The Master's Inn campground here in Altavista, VA.  It is a really cool campground and ministry.  The weekend is going well.  The first night is always hard with a new group of kids that you haven't been able to connect with yet and with a long drive up here wearing you/them out.  It was a sweet spirit anyway though.  I'm excited to see where God will lead today=)

The cabin we stayed in was a REAL log/wood cabin, hand built from the ground up.  It has a quite a story behind it.  
The Inside Of Our Room

I must say that I was a little nervous when I laid my head on my pillow last night and looked up at cracked boards and padding.  Good thing Josh wasn't feeling like a kid and wanting to sleep up on the top bunk above me=)
We were Roomies Last Night=)

What I Looked Up At From My Bed

Tonight after the worship set Josh and I are packing up to go lead worship for a church in Chesterfield, VA (near Richmond) so it's gonna be a LONG night.  Please pray that we'll get there safely and that we'll feel rested for the service tomorrow.
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