Saturday, December 6, 2008

Common Misconceptions - My Man Is On A Roll

Just because my husband works from home doesn't mean I don't have A LIST.

You know what kind of list I'm talking about=)
1-Hang this picture frame
2-Fix the doorknob
3-Put lightbulbs in ALL the fans since they are way out my reach and they seem to all burn out at one time=)

I've been pretty sick, again, this week with some kind of sinus something.  We've also been going non-stop since we got back from Thanksgiving, until yesterday.  I decided to just take it easy, especially since I could hardly move.  Josh, on the other hand, has been working like crazy to check everything off of my list for him that's been adding up for quite some time. 

He hung picture frames, fixed light bulbs, started painting the trim on our house, and putting a new doorknob on our front door (one with a dead-bolt preferably, so the bad guys don't get in;).  All while overseeing the kids since I've been so sick!  He said he never has a day to just work on stuff around the house and I know he has felt a huge sense of accomplishment.  I really appreciate his hard work.  My man can do just about anything!  I sure love this guy=)
Josh and his little helper
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