Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Week Has Been A Little Different Than Last

Last week was a rough week.  We'd been on the road off and on for over a month and we were in desperate need for a break.  I usually count on 3 long days of TRANSITION before the kids start acting "normal" again=)  But it took a little longer than anticipated for my kids to get back in the swing of things last week.  Can we say clingy, cranky, whiny, fussy, LYING, tears, screaming, etc. ...

This week, on the other hand, has been GLORIOUS!!!  I have seen a lot of this - a closed door.  
They have been playing, unprompted, by themselves ALL WEEK.  They'll go into a room and we won't see them for 30-45 minutes because they are making birthday cakes, having picnics, sharing their toys, leading worship for Areyna and her "friends", going to parks, and taking naps.  We didn't even give them room-time 2 of these days because they were playing so well together and allowing Josh and I to get our work done.  It has been so nice.  They haven't been getting into anything and they have been practicing first-time obedience!

Whose children are these???  Just kidding, I have LOVED every minute of it!=)
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