Monday, November 17, 2008

I DO NOT Have Happy Feet

My feet DO NOT like shoes.  They like to feel FREE ... and BAREFOOT!  But, if I do wear shoes my feet and I have an understanding that I am only to wear FLIP FLOPS!  

I abide by their rules MOST of the time, but yesterday I was feeling a little "sassy" and I wanted to wear my high heal boots.  This would have been fine EXCEPT for the fact that I was going to be on my feet ALL DAY!!  I lead worship with Josh in the morning (starting at 8am) and then came home and had lunch.  Then I hopped in the car for another rehearsal so I could lead worship with my friend Sara last night.  As if that weren't enough, I decided that I needed to get my grocery shopping done on the way home.  I didn't walk in my front door until 7:45pm.  

My feet were SCREAMING at me!  As soon as I took my boots off my feet SIGHED with relief and then went directly into rebellion.  I can barely walk this morning.  I feel like they have swelled up into size 10s.  I don't know how you women do it who have to wear real high heals ALL day!  Or worse, LIKE TO wear them?!

I always tell my kid's that there are consequences.  This is mine=)
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