Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picks In My Dryer

I was trying to get caught up on laundry yesterday and I kept finding little "surprises" in the washer and dryer while I rotated the laundry.  Here are a few things that are common finds in the Via laundry closet...

1 - Guitar picks - with 2 rock stars in my house these are bound to end up on the list

2 - Airsoft BBs - thanks Timothy Burgess=)

3 - Food - I am always finding stray macaroni noodles or pieces of cereal that didn't completely make it to Zeke's mouth

4 - Gum wrappers (and the occasional piece of gum in the pocket)- Josh & I can go through some gum!  (I mean, would you want to talk to us after leading worship for an hour without some?)

5 - Church name tags - almost every church we lead worship for has the sticker name tag system where you stick some sort of name tag on the back of the kid's shirt and then the parents get to wear one too.  At least ONE of us forgets to take our sticker off BEFORE we put our clothes in the laundry basket.

What are some "surprises" that you find in your dryer?
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