Sunday, September 14, 2008

What A Mess!

Josh got a call on Friday afternoon from a 1-800 number and I am SO GLAD that he answered!  It was the main bank office and they were asking if we had just purchased $125 worth of gas in Texas after just making a purchase in NC.  Josh quickly replied with an, "ummmm, NO!"  That wasn't all.  There were 3 transactions that had already been cleared and 13 that were still processing.  Apparently someone had stolen our debit card #.  We NEVER use that card on the internet or give that number to ANYONE over the phone, so we aren't quite sure how they got the number.  The banker said that stuff just happens and there is no other way to prevent it.  Our account is so messed up now.  As of right now it says we have $.29 after over $2000 of overdraft fees and misc. transactions.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I set up our overdraft protection the other day either, since they continually over-drafted our account while depleting our savings at the same time!  AHH!  The bank said they'd fix it all and that they will waive all the fees.  Hopefully this will all be settled soon.  I'm about to go get groceries for $.29.  Can I do it???? Ha!
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