Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not So Little Anymore

My little Areyna isn't so little anymore.  She started pre-school today.  She has been so excited about it but got a little shy when we walked in her class to drop her off this morning.

Poor little Zeke is just beside himself with Josh being in the studio doing finishing touch-ups on the CD and Areyna being at school.  He doesn't have anyone to shadow or boss him around=) It's just me and him and that is enough to turn this little boy's world upside down=(  This was one of the reasons Josh and I decided to put Rainy in school this year, for both of them to kind of find themselves.  I decided to do room time with Zeke for the first time by himself and he's struggling.  He has been in there for about 15 min. and started off screaming but is now just whimpering off and on calling for "Neenee and Daddy".  Hopefully this will get better with time.  

I'm so excited to see how Areyna does with her first day=)  Here are a couple of pics. from this morning!

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